Kim Ji-yeon and Jang Da-a Advocate Zero Tolerance for Bullying Through Pyramid Game

In a society increasingly aware of the detrimental effects of bullying, South Korean actors Kim Ji-yeon and Jang Da-a have taken on roles in the Tving original series “Pyramid Game” to emphasize the message of absolute intolerance towards bullying. This 10-part drama, adapted from a popular webtoon, delves deep into the psyche of both perpetrators and victims, while also shedding light on the culpability of bystanders. As the series gains both domestic and international recognition, it also sparks conversations about real-life instances of bullying emulation among students.

The Message of Zero Tolerance:

At the heart of “Pyramid Game” lies a resounding message: there is zero excuse for school violence. Kim Ji-yeon, who portrays the protagonist Sung Soo-ji, underscores the unequivocal stance of the series against bullying. Through her character’s journey, viewers witness the devastating consequences of peer-based violence and the importance of taking a stand against it. Kim emphasizes that perpetrators cannot evade accountability, and bystanders too bear responsibility for their inaction.

Real-life Emulation and Societal Concerns:

Despite the series’ noble intentions, its popularity has inadvertently led to real-life emulation of the voting process depicted in the show. Instances of students replicating the bullying dynamics portrayed in “Pyramid Game” have raised concerns among educators and parents alike. The Jeonbuk State Office of Education’s proactive measure of disseminating information to schools reflects the urgency of addressing this issue. Kim Ji-yeon expresses regret over the unintended consequences, highlighting the imperative for increased vigilance and guidance from adults.

Portraying the Psychology of a Bully:

Jang Da-a, in her role as Baek Ha-rin, delves into the intricate psychology of a bully. Rather than resorting to exaggerated expressions, Jang focuses on capturing the composed demeanor of her character. Through nuanced expressions and delicate emotions, she brings to life the complexities of Ha-rin’s motivations and actions. Jang’s portrayal offers insight into the mindset of individuals who perpetrate acts of cruelty, shedding light on the underlying factors driving such behavior.

A Debut with Impact:

For Jang Da-a, “Pyramid Game” marks her debut as an actor, presenting a significant opportunity to showcase her talent beyond her association with K-pop idol Jang Won-young. Despite the initial association, Jang expresses confidence in carving out her identity in the acting realm. As she navigates her burgeoning acting career, she aims to establish herself as a versatile performer, transcending the shadow of her sibling’s fame.


Pyramid Game” serves as more than just a gripping drama series; it serves as a poignant reminder of the pervasive issue of bullying and the collective responsibility to combat it. Through the dedication of actors like Kim Ji-yeon and Jang Da-a, the series not only entertains but also educates and provokes introspection. As society grapples with the repercussions of real-life emulation, the discourse spurred by the series underscores the ongoing imperative for proactive measures and empathetic understanding in addressing bullying.

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